John Breakey | Artist Statement


"By looking up and out, I am inspired to capture nature’s elusive luminosity found in the near and far distance. Slowing down to observe becomes a pure investment that supports a call to action. These atmospheric impressions are the result of conscious pause and response acts.


"Simple, sustained acts of observation aid me in subduing the pervasive influence of modern day screen culture. When I take time to slow down and view potential treasure on display, short moments become longer periods of observation. I present these observed events of nature as simple, dense and reductive compositions that serve as a respite or pause for the viewer."

With my intentional use of iridescent color to recreate the sky’s ephemeral properties, I humbly acknowledge nature’s superiority to create with light and atmosphere. Still, I remain driven to
paint this body of work; make it measure up to such a premise.

John Breakey | Bio

John Breakey’s career has spanned thirty years as a designer and art director. Since 2003, he has served as the area coordinator of Graphic Design at the Delaware College of Art and Design for Communication Design and Advertising.


John’s love of typography has been put to use in the areas of signage, environmental wayfinding, branding, advertising and web development for local, national and global clients. Prior to relocating to Wilmington in 1997, he operated a studio in New York City and provided creative services to the publishing, advertising and design industries.


Recipient of awards and honors from Graphis, Print, New York ADDY and The Art Directors Club of Delaware. John Breakey is a member in good standing of the following professional organizations: the Type Directors Club of New York, the  Philadelphia Chapter of the AIGA and the College Art Association.

John Breakey | Resumé

: University of the Arts; Philadelphia, PA | MFA Studio Art,
UArts Low Residency Program, MFA candidate 2017


Exhibitions 2017: Art Unleashed; The University of the Arts,
2017, Philadelphia, PA
Friends' Juried Exhibition, The Delaware Contemporary, 2017,
Wilmington, DE Group Exhibition of Artist Friends of The Delaware Contemporary

Exhibitions 2016
: Art Unleashed; The University of the Arts,
2016, Philadelphia, PA

The University of the Arts MFA Studio Art Work In Progress Exhibition;
2016 Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


2015: Some Contents May Settle Group Exhibition; Gallery 224, 2015, Philadelphia, PA

The University of the Arts MFA Studio Art Work In Progress Exhibition;
2015 Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2014: The University of the Arts MFA Studio Art Work In Progress Exhibition; 2014,
Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Gallery 224; Indirect Portraiture Group Exhibition; 2014, Philadelphia, PA


2003–2016: Artists Ourselves, Annual Faculty Exhibition,
Delaware College of Art and Design, Wilmington, DE


Other Exhibitions and Publications:

Design Publications and Exhibitions: Graphis Annuals,
Graphis Ephemera & Graphis Publishing Annual, Print Regional Design Annuals, Printing Industries of America & Society of Illustrators RSVP Dreams Exhibitions, Art Directors Club of Delaware

Teaching Experience; Area Coordinator: 2004–Present


Area Coordinator for Graphic Design AFA Degree program.
Day–to–day teaching of Freshman & Sophomore students in
Core Studio courses, Graphic Design, Typography & Visual
Communication. Student advising of area majors.
Management of on–going curriculum migration, advise
& recommend adjunct faculty, oversee department facility
expansion and budgets, manage technological & outcomes
assessment integration into the curriculum. MSCHE and
NASAD DCAD Self Study committee work.


Adjunct Teaching and Continuing Education: & 1998–2004

Graphic Design

Adjunct and Continuing Education instruction. QuarkXpress,
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Dreamweaver.


Adjunct Teaching 1980–1984

PORTFOLIO CENTER: Atlanta, GA | Illustration portfolio instructor; figure studies, color theory, design & layout, typographic principles, Illustration portfolio construction.




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